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The Noticer, (Sometimes all a person needs is a little perspective.)


Andy Andrews

(author of The Butterfly Effect, and The Traveler’s Gift, and The boy Who Changed the World

“The Boy Who Changed the World” is the first Andy Andrews book I ever read, followed by “The Butterfly Effect” and  “The Travelers Gift”, and while I”m sure I’ll blog on those soon…today’s Book is “The Noticer“.

This is not a long book, a mere 169 pages if you include the discussion questions.

And its not a difficult read by any means.

A man named Jones, invades a town with his wisdom and eventually into the hearts of the residents…who predictably face problems much like many of you reading this blog. And Jones predictably offers wisdom.  But that is not to say this book is predictably boring…NO…. on the other hand it will open your heart to “perspective” , and “compassion” for yourself and the world around you:

The book begins with Jones coming to an impoverished man on the beach and wanting to share lunch with him the story is touching but I’m not going to spoil it by sharing it here but it illustrates perspective!

A few of my favorite quotes:

“A successful life has  a great deal to do with perspective”(page 15)

“…A true friend holds you to a higher standard, a true friend brings out the best in you….a wise friend will include a healthy dose of perspective”( page 30)

“It’s time to stop letting your history control your destiny”(page 51)

and finally

“Many of life’s treasures remain hidden to us, simply because we never search for them” (page 83)

In this book

Andy Andrews through Jones, outlines, how to assess the worries in our lives, how to assess relationships, and …most importantly…how to find perspective.

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