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The Dogma of Rufus….wait…what….???

Just found this book yesterday at of all places the local




My local public library has several shelves when you first walk in with new books displayed

This one happened to be facing out and really I don’t know how anyone could resist at least picking up the book and giving it a once over.

The bulldog face and the sweet puppy eye was enough for me and my kids to gravitate straight to it.

You’ll want to peruse this book first and decide if your children are mature enough to handle the occasional blocked out swear word  but other than that I give it a 4 barks our of 5 for family friendliness.

unless you hate dogs ….you will love this book!

The Dogma of Rufus

(A canine guide to Eating, Sleeping, Digging, Slobbering, Scratching and Surviving with Humans)

written by Rufus(an old dog) {with the help of Larry, Zack and Joey Arnstein)

what is dogma you ask? it has to do with a set of beliefs, that are accepted without question by a certain group of people….or in this case….canines.

Rufus is an old Dog who has advice for new pups being adopted into human families.

tongue in cheek…(do dogs have cheeks?)

Humans be prepared you are about to learn what your dog really thinks!

Humans be prepared you are about to learn why your dog does what she does!

Humans…..ahhh forget it ….nothing I say will fully prepare you for the hilarity of this book!

Starting with before Chapter 1, Rufus provides you with a dictionary….a DOG dictionary of terms

the first word Rufus defines for us is “alphabetize and he tells us it is a verb and is1. an unnecessary form of human organization 2.  something we’re not going to do here, Instead check out your house to see if anyone has dropped any food, or if you can guilt-trip anyone into giving you a treat.(page Xiii)

with chapter titles like

Leashes a Giant Leap backward

Dog Whisperers: dumbest idea since the concept of throwing away “spoiled food”

How to Train your Human, Rewards and Punishments

The Poop Problem: Out of Control Human Wierdness (sorry I had to mention this chapter as it was the first I saw at the library when perusing the book and it made me giggle…trust me….the dogs perspective is hilarious!)

and those are only a few of the chapters….the book is over 250 pages long!

the book is full of pictures of various breeds of dogs

quizzes about dogs


Did I mention that this book is written in part by Larry Arnstein(who wrote for SNL)

and his two sons.

I just wish there was a website dedicated to RUFUS wouldn’t that be awesome

a RUFUS fan club!

Thank you Rufus for making me smile, laugh, and enlightening me on dog life.

I would love to write more…but I haven’t finished reading RUFUS yet…….bye

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I was first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.

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