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So do you like green eggs and ham?

Where would we be without Dr. Seuss?

Treasured children’s books

that we both love and hate to read at the same time.

Not long ago at a garage sale I came across some I had never heard of so I will share one of those now.

Scrambled Eggs Super!

by Dr. Seuss

After searching far and wide for eggs from birds both near and far

Peter T. Hooper

finally has enough of the right type of eggs to

make the best scrambled eggs ever

and in the best of Seuss style:

“…And you know how they tasted?

They tasted just like…

Well, they tasted exactly,

Exactly just like…like

Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-Dee Boooper, special de luxe a-la Peter T. Hooper.”


There’s nothing like a Seuss book

from beetles in bottles

to cats  in hats

from Horton

to Thidwick, the big-hearted moose

fromYyertle the turtle

to the Oobleck goo

there’s got to be

a Seuss that’s just right for you!

for a list of Dr. Seuss Books

check this link:

List of Dr. Seuss Books


“God, Where are you? Mary Pleaded”….

FootPrints in the Sand

The inspiring Life behind the immortal poem

by Gail Giorgio

subtitled in future additions differently:

{Footprints in the Sand – The Life Story of Mary Stevenson, Author of the Immortal Poem}

Many will have seen this poem

it shows up on bookmarks

sympathy cards

church bulletins


websites of inspiration

but did  you ever stop

just for a moment

to consider


who, why

of the author

this book

brings to you the life struggles and triumphs that

lead the author Mary  Stevenson

to write the poem.


just a thought

if Mary can look back over her life

(a life of ‘sorrow’, ‘loss’, ‘desperation’)

and still see the footprints  in the sand

what are we harboring in our hearts

that if we looked back

over the hurts in our lives

if we opened our eyes

and examined our lives

I promise

we too

would see

the Footprints in the Sand

cook books and cooking

I posted this on my other blog

but given that cookbooks are something I spend a great deal of time reading

and since the recipe got 2 thumbs up from my family I thought I’d share here


I love cook books

to me they are more than

getting a recipe for supper

or dessert

they are for reading.





looking at the pictures

analyzing the recipes


like any good



I check them out from the library

I salivate over

new recipes

(even the ones I could never make for my kids because of nuts or egg whites or whatever)

but yesterday I saw one from a good housekeeping cookbook

and the recipe is on their website!

and it is ….


Sausage and Pepper Baked Ziti

the house still smells like it!

(it does contain I save some out for my dairy allergic child prior to adding the cheese so he can try some!)

I used sweet italian sausage(the recipe says to use either sweet or hot)

and I used penne pasta as that was what I was able to find at the store

but it is super simple and could easily be made in a dutch oven!(a one pot meal is always appreciated)

to make in one pot cook the pasta first then set aside

then follow recipe as written

and …my photo:


enjoy…I know what we’ll be having for left overs today…

my oldest says this recipe is a definite MAKE AGAIN!


When War is Unjust……is it ever….just???

When War is Unjust

Being honest in Just-War Thinking

by John Howard Yoder

When War Is Unjust : Being Honest in Jus...


While in college, I majored in the “Comparative Study of the Worlds Religions”

and one of the many semester long seminars I took was

Violence in Religion

of which this book was required reading.

offsides: as part of the class we also had

to watch slingblade and then discuss how/when

violence in the movie was justifiable

Sling Blade (1996) Poster

Decidedly during the course of the seminar

it was decided that there are virtually no

easy answers

when we are questioning whether or not

a certain act of violence was just

but with the help of Yoder’s book we

can at least begin to think about

how we as a country

how we as a humanity

think about and address violence

both in the world and

in our daily lives

So a few quotes from the book:

“I believe that any culture that does not adopt the pacifist ethic-and no culture as a whole in today’s world has done so-must develop some guidelines restraining the use of force”(page xiii)

“The implication (of the name “just war”) is that a given war can be-objectively and theoretically–just.  this suggests that a war or war in general, may be viewed as a positive good.” (page xv)

“Legitimate is less than good, as justified is less than just.  War is an evil, a harm, which in a special case may be admitted for the sake of some other value it defends.  It is not a good in itself”(page 11)

Is there a just war?

how do we determine if a war is just and worth defending or condemning?

this book is academic, and theological

and will leave you reconsidering what you believe

is a

“Just War”


on Just War

and finally an article by Yoder

on Just War Tradition

The Speed of Light, or opening up a can of worms…

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The Speed of Light 

By Elizabeth Rosner(click her name to visit her website)

The Speed of Light


It took me a few chapters to get into this book.

but once I did…

my heart sunk.

my soul flew

and my mind was opened to worlds I had never imagined

A story,

told by three people

a brother(Julian)

a sister(Paula)

the housekeeper(Sola)

Julian, a scientific mind, who in my opinion is probably suffering from high anxiety, severe depression, and OCD

Paula, an opera singer, an escapist who suffers from her own insecurities

Sola, a maid, with a heart deep and scarred, and a love and understanding of humankind, beyond words.

I want you to read this book

I want you to read it with wonder

as I did

I want you to

get into the minds of the characters

I want you to shudder

I want you to sob

I want you to feel with your whole being

as they did

so only a few quotes to tempt you

a few short sentences that will hopefully draw you in

From page 25

“My Father had no capacity for joy: it was squeezed out of him long before I entered the world.  Perhaps the years of being with my other saved him for a little while, but even she realized it was impossible to resurrect someone standing so close to his own grave.”

From page 81:

“Matter can be neither created not destroyed? No. Matter is constantly being created and destroyed, the eternal motion of the cosmos.  From the center of stars to the edges of my skin, to the chambers of my heart and the bones in my ear, singing  your name”

From page 161:

“‘People are animals. Beasts,’ my father said, more than once.  Then he would shake his head, frowning at the evidence eon the page, confirmation of everything he already knew about the world.”

and finally from page 241:

“We could live in two places at once- carry the past inside the present. We could travel faster than the speed of light.”

Lets go Down to the Potters House

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Lets Go Down to the Potters House

Allowing God to Mold you and make you in his Image

by Joanne Putnam


This book came to me at a low point in my life.  I was (and sometimes still am) trying to figure out my purpose…what my goal should be.

Now… I don’t agree with everything in the book.  But it contains so much wisdom that I think most parents…christian or not would benefit from reading this book!

The book expounds upon the idea that we are all “earthen vessels” created by God, and just as each vessel has a different purpose so do we as individuals….

We need to pay attention to God’s call in our life, and pray carefully about what our purpose is.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The words that we say can be a gift to those with whom we come in contact each day.  words ARE POWERFUL.  words LITERALLY HAVE THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH.  With our words we can curse a person or we can bless a person” (potters house page 41)

The essay she shared on being a MEAN MOM by Bobby Pingaro would resonate with all parents as well.

She tells us to “let our children fai”l…and to “not be their friend”

-(ok this is me now) so many parents spend so much time trying to make their kids happy they don’t see or understand that their children as well as themselves really don’t know what happiness is.

go a head skip chapter 9 its about praying in tongues…I don’t think that is a gift possessed by everyone…but is a gift possessed by some…the author thinks everyone needs to pray in tongues…

I think we all need to pray in the holy spirit…through and with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

so thats all I’ll say about that chapter…I don’t agree with her…


move on….the rest of the book is good!

Chapter 10 on stress….

“To live a balanced life in Christ, we need to know what causes stress in our life and learn appropriate ways to reduce it.”( potters house page 103)

the chapter continues on to deal with…how to deal with stress….and how to forgive and the importance of forgiveness

Organizational tips abound in chapter 11 and although the chapter is subtitled “for women” the tips are good ideas for men, teens and children as well.(hey I bet it helps redeem the time)

Her focus on being a parent and bringing Christ into every day life is enlightening and uplifting.

but the focus is also on being a good human being. and that

is something we should all be able to relate to.

His Brain/Her Brain….well….duhhhh…

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His Brain,

Her Brain

How Divinely Designed Differences Can Strengthen Your Marriage

by Walt Larimore, MD & Barb Larimore


I’ve been hearing for years how boys and girls think differently….Then I had 2 boys and a girl…and….they do…think differently.

not always

and not everyone is the same

we are created unique within God’s image of course


This book, although geared for husband/wife can help you think about and understand your children as well.

I don’t agree with 100% of what they say but I agree with enough for this book to make it to this review.


Now there is a myriad of explanation in to the structural differences and chemical processes of themale and female  brains…if this doesn’t interest you skip over to the reflections on why this is important.

Even if you don’t ascribe to a religion you are probably in a relationship of some sort…or have been….or will be….and …this book may provide some insight into the why’s of

how (men and women) respond differently to a variety of what life hands out

look at the chapter titles:

  • chapter 3: Differences in how we perceive our world
  • chapter 4: differences in how we process input from our world
  • chapter 5: differences in how we communicate without world
  • chapter 9: his brain-conquest Her Brain-Nurture
  • chapter 10: his brain- provision her brain- security
  • chapter 11: his brain-respect her brain-love

The fact is that whether we biologically male or female does have an influence on

what we do ,

how we act,

how we interpret,

how we respond

to the world around us.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, administrator, manager, this book can give you insight on the hows and whys of your interpersonal relationships with the other “gender” in your life.

The book is complete with tables and charts that cohesively bring together the information in the book for easily comparison of the female and male brains.

This book would make an interesting book club read

imagine if a group of spouses participated in the reading of this book, then divided into a group of males and a group of females tro discuss and then came back together as a full group for insight.

could be interesting….

Perhaps the most interesting analogy is the one highlighted in Chapter 13

“The Marriage Box”

Essentially you can only get out what you put in

(but their descriptions are much more eloquent.)

Dr. Walt has a site…of course

and on it is a link to chapter 1 of this book

so …

dig in…

and you might learn something

about yourself.