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The Speed of Light, or opening up a can of worms…

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The Speed of Light 

By Elizabeth Rosner(click her name to visit her website)

The Speed of Light


It took me a few chapters to get into this book.

but once I did…

my heart sunk.

my soul flew

and my mind was opened to worlds I had never imagined

A story,

told by three people

a brother(Julian)

a sister(Paula)

the housekeeper(Sola)

Julian, a scientific mind, who in my opinion is probably suffering from high anxiety, severe depression, and OCD

Paula, an opera singer, an escapist who suffers from her own insecurities

Sola, a maid, with a heart deep and scarred, and a love and understanding of humankind, beyond words.

I want you to read this book

I want you to read it with wonder

as I did

I want you to

get into the minds of the characters

I want you to shudder

I want you to sob

I want you to feel with your whole being

as they did

so only a few quotes to tempt you

a few short sentences that will hopefully draw you in

From page 25

“My Father had no capacity for joy: it was squeezed out of him long before I entered the world.  Perhaps the years of being with my other saved him for a little while, but even she realized it was impossible to resurrect someone standing so close to his own grave.”

From page 81:

“Matter can be neither created not destroyed? No. Matter is constantly being created and destroyed, the eternal motion of the cosmos.  From the center of stars to the edges of my skin, to the chambers of my heart and the bones in my ear, singing  your name”

From page 161:

“‘People are animals. Beasts,’ my father said, more than once.  Then he would shake his head, frowning at the evidence eon the page, confirmation of everything he already knew about the world.”

and finally from page 241:

“We could live in two places at once- carry the past inside the present. We could travel faster than the speed of light.”

About ellasurreau

I was first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.

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  1. This looks good – thanks for the review!


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