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I am B, i AM B, i am B…well that’s what the book told me…

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I am B

i AM B

 i am B

At least that’s  what Daniel Quinn insinuates at the end of his book:

The Story of B

An Adventure of

the Mind an Spirit

I began my journey with Daniel Quinn, in a college course by reading the Book



but recently looking for books at the local thrift store “The Story of “B”, by Daniel Quinn was facing me on the end cap.

I had to have it.  Having read Ishmael I knew somewhat to expect.

I do not fully agree with the ideas Mr. Quinn puts forth


I do think he has some intelligent thought-out phrases within the text.

Essentially “The story of B” is about a man, Father Jared Oborne, who has been called into his superiors office and has been sent off to seek out this person…known as “B”  and find out if  “B” is a threat to the church.

yadda yadda yadda….is B or is B not the Antichrist….is B out to destroy the church….blah blah blah

I had Quinn until it became too obvious …too soon….where the story was going

and yet….it is a good read….not a read in one day type of read….rather a read a chapter or two….and then stop and think for a day or two to let it sink in….how you feel about what you’ve read….and when ready…open the book and read more…

without spoiling the story(it is a decent novel)  I will share with you some of the insights I underlined while reading this novel.

The following are quotes from Daniel Quinn’s book “The Story of B” read them…think on them  (not for very long) then…go out and get a copy to mark up for yourself!

from page 49:  “Vision is the flowing river.  Programs are sticks set in the riverbed to impede the flow.  What I’m saying is that the world will not be saved by people with programs.  If the world is saved, it will be saved because the people living in it have a new vision.”

from page 51: “Programs are inherently reactionary. …They always follow, never lead….”

from page 52: “By contrast, vision doesn’t wait for something bad to happen it pursues something desirable”

this idea of visions….vs….programs….comes up again and again and again in the book

now a few more quotes I found interesting:

from page 77:  “Revolutions don’t occur among people who are thinking in the same old way.”

also from page 77 and I am putting this in Bold because it was an idea I had never considered before and found very interesting:

“…It’s naive because starving people don’t plant crops any more than drowning people build life rafts.  The only people who can afford to wait for crops to grow are people who already have food.”

from page 105:”…You never know when you might have planted a seed,…”

from page 140: “What appears to be kindand is meant to be kind can be the reverse of kind.”

from page 148: “…like neighbors everywhere, they tend to be much more aware of their differences than their similarities.”

from page 186: ” …Every track begins and ends in the hand of god, and every track is a lifetime long…Remember that your tracks are one strand of the web woven endlessly in the hand of god ”


As typical of Daniel Quinn’s works he divides history and contemporary culture in terms of Takers and Leavers…..either you are one or the other.


To Quinn there is not one GOD but rather a god.  He talks of animism(god in everything) as if is fully separate from believing scripture….but the scripture I know also talks of God as the creator of all and being with all thing in all ways.

Despite my disagreeing philosophical and many times theologically with what Quinn says…I am a reader and I like reading this sort of thing….it challenges me to think deeper…

and that…is more than just a good thing 😉

check out Quinn’s website here


although there is much interesting

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