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Wide Open ??? Better kept shut!

I don’t know how the IMPAC International Dublin Literary Award for 2000 was decided, but given that’s why I picked this book, I probably wouldn’t read anything else they awarded.

but in 2000 they gave the award to

Wide Open

by Nicola Barker

On recent vacation this was the third of 3 books I had picked out to read.

here a Ronny there a Ronny everywhere a Ronny Ronny

I was lost from chapter 1!

The only reason that I am including it in this blog of “Books Worth Reading” is that despite not being able to follow the story very well, her descriptions are immaculate, I can see exactly what those in the story see, or at least what I imagine they see.

However the book is filled with innuendo subtle and not so subtle,

All in all a 2 out of 5 on my list and a -1 as far as books I’d recommend  but if you like that sort of thing peppered through out a book, then maybe give it a try…but I guarantee, without those few pages….this book would not have been missing anything.

if you run across it a the discard pile at the local library like I did, I guess the $.50 wasn’t too bad an investment…any more in any case I’ll probably donate it back before borrowing it out to anyone I know.

sorry but if I see another book by Barker I will be most unlikely to purchase it.

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I was first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.

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