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“Church of the Dog” … dog???

When I saw this book at my local library on the “used books for sale” stand I put it back and thought um that just sounds wrong.

but I have to say

when it was still there a few weeks later I picked it up and ultimately purchased:

Church of the Dog


Kaya McLaren

In Church of the Dog(from now on referred to as” COTD”)

Kaya in no true “chapter form” leads us through the story, narrated by the characters in the story.

It grabs you from page 1 as immediately you are entered into the life of Mara an art teacher who is in the middle of major life changes(sorry, don’t want to give away any of this gem)

you are then transported to Earl and Edith a set of Grandparents(not Mara’s) who are also on the verge of major life changes.

followed by Daniel a temporarily lost soul who is searching…(what for?  you’ll have to read the book)

 Although there is a Dog in the story, and plenty of stained glass, they don’t worship dogs


although there is a church mentioned several times in the story

the book is not so much about “religion” as it is about finding the good in everyday life and in living every day to the fullest.

I read one review that talked about “lots of story lines never developed” …

In my opinion COTD it could have taken 4 or 5 books to “fully develop” each characters story line and ….it’s not necessary

the stories of the main characters are artfully woven together….you get just enough to understand who each person is…what their take on life is, and what they learn

COTD is not about all these separate story lines, IT IS about life and the connections that come and go and how it all fits together

much like…pieces of a stained glass artwork

each piece on it’s own a little nondescript but when put leaded together makes a beautiful life

hurry now…get the book!

About ellasurreau

I was first grade religious education catechist I have been teaching for 20 years I have a BA in Religious Studies I have continued taking classes in religious studies since graduating. I grew up Methodist, and became catholic after marrying.

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