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Dog Gone, Back Soon

Dog Gone, Back Soon

by Nick Trout


I was a little leary… I mean look at that pathetic puppy on the cover….such sad eyes.


it was written by a vet

yup that’s right

somehow while a vet surgeon in Boston he has found time to be an author!


but this really  was really a good book…sorry I don’t say great…I rarely say great but I did say really good and I don’t say that often either


here’s why…in the beginning you think you know where the story is going and as you go along you suppose you were right but then the book comes to closure and you were wrong….


that so so rarely happens in modern literature…so many books are so predictable…by chapter 3 you know how it’s going to end…but since you paid for the book you forge on….and then are disappointed when your ESP was right


not so in Dog Gone, Back Soon.


a story about

  • a veterinarian who comes back to take over his father’s vet practice
  • a vet corporation that tries to take over the town
  • a bunch of quirky but interesting characters in a small town sort of way
  • perhaps a love interest or two



Nick Trout has a website you can check it out here


get off your duff and get the book.

or watch some quirky town characters



by the way this book is a sequel but you don’t need to read the previous for this to make sense

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