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50 Ways To Pray, by Teresa A. Blythe

a great book for folks looking to deepen their spiritual/prayer life


Usually I reserve my book reviews for my “Book Reviews” page, but his one is so appropriate even more so for those of us who teach others to pray I thought it really belonged here.

50 ways to Pray

Practices from Many Traditions and Times

By: Teresa A. Blythe

What I like about this book is first of all it’s about prayer

Secondly we (humans) as individuals connect to the “sacred” (our God) through prayer, but as we are all individuals perhaps we may feel inner connection more through one type of prayer vs. another (type of prayer)

In her book she has chapters on

  • Biblical Reflections
  • Meditation
  • Centering Prayer
  • Deep Listening
  • Praying with Icons
  • Lectio Divina
  • Traditional Ignatian Examen
  • Prayer Journal
  • Prayer as art
  • Quaker Clearness
  • Breath Prayer
  • Prayer walk
  • Praying with Beads
  • Wall of Prayer
  • Ignatian Imagination Prayer
  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Healing Prayer
  • Prayer Partnering
  • Praying the…

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Open House by Elizabeth Berg


Another on the Oprah’s book club list

Elizabeth Berg really does write well

I’ve reviewed other books by her and this one is just as good.

My review of What We Keep  can be found here.


A divorce, a death of sorts, a son, a mother, bills to pay

in short a story about life


How does a woman go on living when all she thought was true dissolves in front of her

Her husband leaves not by death but by choice


she is left to pick up the pieces for herself

for her son

a mortgage come due

she opens up her home and rents out rooms to various tenants as she learns to go on living.

My favorite sentence in the whole book comes from this paragraph:

“When does the time come when you stand in front of your grown-up woman’s mirror and feel contentment for what you see? Ever?”


Isn’t that so true

as mother’s/parents/humans we are so seldom content where we are/who we are

always looking toward the next thing to change about ourselves or our lives


You can check out Elizabeth Berg’s website here


but before you do…get the book  and enjoy a good read!


OH and something we should maybe sing to ourselves?