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The True Story of Hansel and Gretel by Louise Murphy

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You need to read this book

…if…you are an adult


I do think the author should do a toned down version for kids.

(there are books that do this, The Art of  Racing in the Rain being one)

it wouldn’t be difficult

the “F” word really didn’t add that much to the story I would have been able to read the anger without it.

the horrific rape scene could also be altered to make the book more appropriate for middleschoolers

and a few of the other sexual innuendos could be removed without altering the heart of the story

that said, this book does an excellent job of bringing you into the world of polish villagers during the nazi invasion

heart wrenching, heart breaking,

once you start you won’t put it down till it’s over.

I was a little leery at first, comparing the story of Hansel and Gretel to things that things that happened in  Poland during the nazi invasion

but the story works

it works so well

you’ll be in tears one moment and rushing to read what happens in the next

do yourself a favor get the book

penguin house publishes it and here is the books hansel and gretel

you can find more about the author about the author