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Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner

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If you are looking for a quick read, a low energy, low concentration book, with a smooth story line and little to focus on….

This isn’t it.

Jumping between memory and current happenings and back to memory again

Stegner’s Book is a wordy read.

Full of the academia expected of a renown professor/writer

but once you get passed some of the wordiness

and figure out

the story line and connections you have a a great story, that, in the end had just the right amount of words.

A novel about two couples how they meet, how they live, how their lives cross.

A novel that starts in the midst of the Great Depression and works through and around the lives touched by the two couples

Sid and Charity

Larry and Sally

Eventually, Births, near deaths, polio, cancer, arguments, and forgiveness, all find their way into this beautiful narrative.

Perhaps the most telling segment of the novel comes in these words from page 278:

“…We live as we can, we do what we must, and not everything goes by either Freudian or Victorian patterns. What I am sure of is that friendship–not love, friendship–is as possible between women as between men, and that in either case it is often stronger for not having to cross sexual picket lines. “

There is a Wallace Stegner Website you can check out: wallace stegner


Books, Paper or Digital?


On my parenting blog I recently wrote about my travels into the world of Digital Books and Magazines


and like I stated there

I like paper,

I like the smell of the book

I like

sticky notes and highlighters.

I like that the sticky notes and highlighters quickly enable me to find quotes, recipes, statements of opinion and statements of fact.

that’s why…in this blog you will 99% of the time see me review books and articles that I own. ON PAPER

some you will like

some you will disagree with

some you will run out to buy

some you will gush with friends

but hopefully all

will open your heart and mind

to both familiar and new ideas.